Hi, I am

Michael Koo.

I am a Software Development Engineer @ Amazon

I am adept at full stack development with extensive background in TypeScript, Java, and infrastructure management via IaC, mostly in ecommerce space. I am eager to leverage my experience to deliver intuitive and pleasant user experience.

Aside from work, I enjoy building web apps and learning new technologies during my free time. I love collaborating with people to build something awesome! I regularly attend hackathons to build fun apps with people I come across at hackathons.

Michael with coffee
My puppy, Churri

I am a loving husband, happily married to Elisha Park, a coffee drinker (my life elixir...☕️), passionate tennis player 🎾, and a dog lover 🐶. I start my day with a cup of latte, code in zen mode, play some tennis rallies if the evening is free, and go for a walk with my wife and my 10 months old puppy, Churri 🐶

The picture on the top was taken by my best friend when my family visited Point Reyes in NorCal. Although Churri could not enter the trail, he enjoyed the view!


Feel free to check out some works I have done:

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